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Herbal Knee Patch - 12 pcs
Herbal Knee Patch - 12 pcs

Herbal Knee Patch - 12 pcs

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Natural Herbal Patches!

Heal knee pain with this miracle knee plaster sticker easily! Aching knees can stop you from enjoying everyday activities and limit your movement. These stickers will help alleviate any knee pain, allowing you to walk easier -  whether you're an athlete or just an ordinary Joe! Made from ancient Chinese healing herbs, it will help with your knee inflammation and pain decrease over time with regular use. No matter where you developed your knee pain from (basketball, soccer, sports, or even just normal everyday life), this miracle knee plaster sticker will improve your condition.

With the deep penetrating heat that comes from this analgesic patch, users will be able to find relief from localized pain quickly. The stickers consist of a variety of all-natural herbs. Thanks to their ergonomic design, these patches will adjust to the shape of your knee perfectly without falling off. Regular, daily use will quickly bring the desired pain-free results!



  • PAIN RELIEF - These patches are self-heating and penetrate deeply into the muscle right where it hurts to release pain and tension.
  • GRADUAL HEALING - The heat generated helps stretch the soft tissues and relaxes the muscles, promoting flexibility and helping decrease knee stiffness.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The shape of each patch is ergonomically designed to perfectly fit anyone’s knee without falling off.
  • SAFE - A natural and safer alternative for pain relief compared to invasive methods like drugs and pills.
  • SEAMLESS AND CLEAN - Can be worn underneath clothing without needing to worry about greasy residues or stains.